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Berkeley Mobile Notary
Can’t get to a notary during the work day? Have Berkeley notary services come to you!

The standard fee for a notarization in California is $10.00 per signature. “Per signature” means every time a signer signs the document and I affix my stamp next to it, it costs $10.00. If their signature is placed in two different places and I use my stamp twice, its $20.00, three times is $30.00, and so on.

A mobile notary session with me includes a travel charge of $40.00. If for any reason the documents are unable to be notarized during the appointment, payment for travel is still required.

Please Note: I am not a lawyer and cannot advise you on how to fill out any paperwork.

To avoid any last minute mishaps, please double check that the documents you’re seeking to have notarized are filled out completely and that you fully understand the contents.

It is very important that all signers are present at the time of the appointment and are able to provide proper identification.

Proper ID:

1. Name**
2. Photo
3. Physical Description (not required for U.S. passports)
4. Serial Number & Issuing Agency
5. Signature
6. Current (or Issued within 5 Years)

** The name on the ID must match the name on the document…
OK: ID says Bob Arnold Adams and the document says Bob A Adams
NOT OK: ID says Bob A Adams and the document says Bob Arnold Adams
The ID can have more information for the name than the document, but not less.


All signers must be prepared to give a right thumb print in my Notary Journal at the time of the appointment, as certain types of documents require it. Each signer must also be able to affirm to the accuracy of the information contained within the document they will be signing (signers must be able to read, write, and speak English, to a point where I am confident we can communicate effectively.

Email me or call today to schedule your mobile notary appointment! Cell Phone: (510) 859-8649

You are also more than welcome to visit my YELP LISTING to read reviews from past clients.

Berkeley Mobile Notary



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